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Ryan Richter “As Good A Place As Any (No Hard Feelings)” Vinyl

Ryan Richter “As Good A Place As Any (No Hard Feelings)” Vinyl

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Vinyl will begin shipping in June 2024

"As Good A Place As Any (No Hard Feelings)" from #1, the debut album from Ryan Richter.

This piece is the synthesis of a collection of disparate themes that I've been trying to make sense of for years.It's the slow dance for humanity's final act, and an invitation to disconnect  and feel the lamentation and jubilation I felt while creating this work. 

Though the vinyl will showcase the piece across two sides, it's intended to be listened to in one sitting. When David Lynch's The Straight Story was released on DVD, he insisted that it be without chapters, denying viewers the ability to skip around. Inside the DVD case, a note from Lynch read, "It is my opinion that a film is not a book - it should not be broken up. It is a continuum and should be seen as such."

Luckily for everyone who listens, it presents faithfully in both formats. I think Lynch would like it - or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

Ryan Richter
Los Angeles, April 17th 2024

Ryan Richter - Guitar / Pedal Steel / Bass

Tyler Nuffer - Pedal Steel / Engineering

Dory Bavarsky - Celeste / Strings / Farfisa

Karl McComas-Reichl - Upright Bass

Rob Shelton - Mixing

Timothy Stollenwerk - Mastering

Brian Bosworth - Graphic Design

Written / Arranged / Produced by Ryan Richter

Recorded at Nuffer Ranch, Pasadena CA

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